Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watch this lots of times!!!

My nephew, Jake, produced this commercial. Watch it lots of times, and feel free to pass it on! He is a doll, and is hopefully going to remember me when he is rich and famous!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hmmm.....what do you guys think?

I hate my fridge, but it functions fine, so what do you guys think about this fix? Most of my DIY projects fail miserably, so I am nervous to try it out on such a huge appliance, but maybe it would be awesome???

Chalkboard Fridge

In the MAY 2006 issue of COUNTRY HOME magazine, they featured my former home. I used to live in an old farmhouse on a 500-acre Christmas tree farm (idyllic, right?).

In the kitchen, an old fridge worked just fine, but it was a bit of an eyesore. So with a few coats of green chalkboard paint, I not only give it a facelift, but made it functional, too. You could write, with a piece of chalk, all over the fridge. Notes, grocery lists, tic-tac-toe…whatever your heart desires.

I just scanned this from the magazine and thought I’d share it. Sometimes the simplest idea can have the most dramatic effect. Don’t ya think? I love chalkboard paint.

Our spring break was, for the most part, really Springy!

We had an awesome Spring Break this year. I was really leery, because I had nothing spectacular planned, and many of Olivia's friends were going on really amazing vacations, but we stuck around, saw friends, and spent well-needed time together as a family (very little of which I captured on camera). We had gorgeous weather much of the week, and we took full advantage of it with picnics, park days, and trout fishing! And, on the soggy days, we hit the museum with friends, and went swimming at the community center indoor pool. I think we ended this week happy and well rested. Ready to conquer the last few months of school!

So, here are pics from the two times I took my camera along.

Trout fishing in Oregon City. Good times, fun friends, and yummy dinner!
Molly, Olivia and I each caught a fish. Mine was huge, not to brag, but it was 14 3/4 inches. For real. And, it was a real struggle to reel in, but worth the effort to say that "na, na, na, na, na, I caught the biggest fish of the day!"
Park days!
Sister love!
So, there is our Spring Break in a nutshell. What did you do???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Olivia did an oral book report last week on Amelia Earhart, and Jon and I got to go watch. She did an AMAZING job. She read all about her in a biography, and presented it so well! She made an awesome poster (behind her) with a few of her own drawings (my girl is an artist) and she even painted a model of Amelia's first airplane, The Friendship. We are so proud of you, Olivia! Great work!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy half birthday all of you!

Ian's first haircut!

I couldn't take the mullet anymore, so I took the plunge, and kissed the curls good-bye (despite the many who begged me not to cut it!). Here he is getting his first haircut at "Cookie Cutters" in Bountiful.
Why do they think it's a good idea to give them a lollipop while they are getting their hair cut? Is it the fact that the cut hair then sticks to their face and hands and gets in their mouth? And then, Mom has to be the bad guy and take it away because her gag reflex can't take it anymore, and then deal with the ensuing crying that comes from throwing the sucker in the garbage? Seriously??? is the handsome fella!

Trip to Utah

We took a trip to Utah last week to visit my grandma, aunt, and two cousins that flew in from North Carolina, along with all of our other fun family! It was good to see everyone. I am so mad at myself for not pulling out my camera and snapping more photos, especially of my grandma, if any of you who were there have any pics, please send them my way!

Aunt Cathi with my girlies! (this woman is amazing, going through chemo, and still beautiful and positive and such fun to be around!)
Meredith (my cousin) with my little man! She really won over my kids with her fun, bubbly personality and her easy way with children. It's like they'd known her their whole lives!
Cousins (some once-removed!)
While we were there we also celebrated Jon's birthday, along with my niece Hannah's. Again, I am lame and have no pictures of that, but Happy belated birthday, Jonny, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and can't get enough of you!!!