Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little clip from the Wizard.

Here is a clip for your viewing enjoyment. Olivia is the 4th soldier from the right. I especially love the spear routine! So cute!

Off to see The Wizard...

Olivia was in her school play this past week. They did The Wizard of Oz. Olivia was a soldier. She did such a good job, especially considering she missed all of the rehearsals and most of the practices while we were out of town. She was such a sport and gave it her all anyways. She sang the songs for all of our family while we were away. She is just such a good gal! Here she is with her teacher. She is the BEST, and has been so good for Olivia. We are so glad we will have her again for fourth grade.
Here is the little star with the flowers her daddy brought to the performance.
On stage! She is the second soldier from the right!
Good job, Olivia. Performing is not her favorite thing, but just like everything she does, she gave her best effort and did a great job. She is so brave and strong!