Thursday, January 29, 2009

he knows the way to my heart...

Jonny just brought me some...I can rarely find them, and I was so excited that he thought of me while he was out working!  What a guy, and it's not even my birthday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

another funny...

I heard Max and Molly fighting in their room yesterday and Max came out crying,  "Mom, Monny says she doesn't want to be twins anymore!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

does anyone need a personal trainer?

Today after breakfast Max headed downstairs.  He turned back and said, "come on, Mom, it's time for your exercises."

What a great little motivator!

Monday, January 26, 2009

he said it...

Max walked up and showed me his sleeve, which was covered in snot, "Mom, my shirt has a runny nose."

I had to laugh!

Friday, January 23, 2009

matching game...

Match the ailment with the appropriate child.  Hint:  some have more than one ailment!

1.  Maxwell a.  twisted ankle

2.  Molly     b.  hacking cough/green nose

3.  Olivia      c.  broken clavicle/collarbone

4.  Ian          d.  ear infection

When it rains, it pours!  Answer key:  1=b,c  2=b,d  3=a,b  4=b

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Max broke his Clavicle

He went to sit down and overshot the side of the bed.  He went tumbling backwards and landed on his shoulder.  When he wouldn't stop shaking and crying we decided to take him into the doctor, and sure enough, he has a broken Clavicle/collarbone. Poor little guy.  There's not much they can do for him.  We coaxed him into taking some Tylenol with codeine, which should be kicking in any moment, and hopefully he will have a restful sleep.  It's funny, because he wasn't jumping or playing rough on the bed with his sisters as he often does, which is when I fear these kind of mishaps.  He was just sitting down to watch a little movie on my bed with me and Ian. The blue popsicles seemed to cheer him up a little, and the Cars paint and color book I brought home from the store got the tiniest smile out of him.  I think there is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

new year's resolutions

Just thought you might all like to know that I have already broken all of my New Year's Resolutions. New Year's Resolutions suck.  I have been thinking a lot about the great lessons I learned in 2008.  Here are a few:

When you have the flu for 3 weeks, it might mean you are pregnant.

Doctors don't know what they are talking about.  Never believe them when they use probabilities like "you will probably never get pregnant on your own, your chances are slim to none."

Skin is VERY stretchy (by the way, I got one stretch mark this time, none last time, so now I have a forever little reminder of the joy of being with child).

Best friends move away.  And it's sad.  And it doesn't get any better.

Twins are a LOT of work.  But, they are even more fun!  I wish I had a twin!

You can fall in love again, even after 14 years.

Eight is great, and watching your child get baptized is surreal.  Wasn't she just a babe in arms?

Being pregnant is a miracle and a blessing but I HATE almost every minute of it, and it lasts FOREVER.  I am thankful that I am not an elephant (22 months gestational period) but I felt like one by September.

My children like to make dramatic entrances.  Three of them share the same birthday, and the other one came on Halloween.  We'd better stop while we are ahead so that we don't have a Christmas baby.

Having your water break at 2 AM is a very startling way to start the day.  

No matter how a baby comes out, it HURTS.  

Babies are miracles.  I wish I could have a hundred babies, without pregnancy or having to be responsible for raising them. I just LOVE the way my newbies look, smell, sound, all of it.  I could just sit and rock my little man all day long, and let the world dissolve all around me (hence the knives and couscous).

Cleaning my house is a waste of time, but I still do it.  It's a form of self torture.

I am the luckiest girl alive and I need to recognize that every day...

So, forget the resolutions, I am just going to try to be grateful and kind and loving to those around me.  I know that I will fail many times over, but I am committed to getting back in the saddle.

"You win some and learn some..."  Jason Mraz

kids say the darndest things...

I always say I am going to write down all the cute things my kids say, but I never do, so I thought I would share a few with all of you:

In bed the other night, after Olivia read a chapter from her latest book to me, she said, "Mom, isn't it cool that reading is one of my new talents?" 

Every time I give Max a hug and kiss his cheeks (I cannot resist them. I have given up trying) he says, (and he stutters) "Y-y-y-you yuv me, Mom?"  He melts me like a popsicle.

Molly is our drama queen.  I thought it was Olivia, but Molly has her beat.  When she gets frustrated, upset, angry or all of the above she says, "Don't talk to me I'm nervous."  Or, "Don't talk to me, I'm sad." Or "Don't talk to me, you hurted my feelings."  All the while she is furrowing her brow and sticking out her pouty lips.  It's adorable, but also exhausting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

another first...

"A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors."  Henry Ward Beecher

Olivia finished her first chapter book last night.  She has just turned a big corner in her reading and we are so proud of her!  She feels so accomplished!  We just bought Magic Treehouse #1-4, and she can't wait to start the next one!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Max and the couscous mishap

Do you ever just have those days?  You know the kind I'm talking about, where you wake up with a yucky feeling, and then everything goes downhill from there?  Well, I had one today, and Max was behind it all...

Now, I know that may surprise most of you, that I could ever think poorly of my dear, sweet, Max.  One might say he seems to always be in  my favor, but today, he fell down a few notches, and I held a grudge for at least 20 minutes.

Baby Ian was sad today.  He had a rough morning.  He got up too early, and was tired and cranky. I went up to M and Ms room to rock him.  He LOVES to rock (oh, have I mentioned that before?) I heard some ruckus going on downstairs, but turned a deaf ear to it all, as I rocked my sweet-smelling little man.  Oh, I could rock him all day!  There were some loud thumps, some squeals of excitement.  I assumed Max was throwing his wood blocks on the floor, naughty, but not a big enough deal to get me out of my chair.  A few minutes later, Molly, my little informer, comes running up the stairs and into her room.  "Maxi throwing the rice! It's all over the floor.  He naughty."  Oh, how we love her little furrowed brow tattling!  "Ok, Molly, thanks for telling me, go tell him that's a no-no, and Mommy will be right down."  So, she disappeared and came back a minute later.  "Maxi won't stop.  The rice is everywhere!"

Note:  I cleaned my floors this morning.  Of course.

Ian was in a deep enough sleep so I headed down to assess the damage.  I laid him in his bassinet.  I turned the corner into the kitchen and gasped.  There was Max, on the counter, hucking everything onto the floor.  The "rice" was actually couscous, and for anyone who's ever had to clean up couscous off of the floor, cooked or not, you know how much worse that is than rice.  Also, on the floor:  a can of milk (big chunk out of the hardwood from that), the can of Ovaltine, crackers, bread, and hot chocolate. And, the clencher...KNIVES.  I have a block of knives in my top cupboards, because having a knife block on the counter hasn't seemed to be a good idea with toddlers, and Max was chucking them onto the floor, one by one.  There were scratches and chunks of wood all over the floor where they landed.  Luckily, Molly was out of the room when this little hay day occurred.

So, to say the least, I lost it. I grabbed him off of the counter and without saying a word carried him up to his bed "closing" the door behind me.  I came back down and just sunk onto the floor trying to get my head together enough to decide what to do and how to go about cleaning up. Molly came up beside me and said, "I wanna sit by you.  I wuv you."  That made things a tiny bit better.  

So, I picked up the knives, put the canned goods back, and swept, vacuumed and mopped the floor, again.

I still have no idea what possessed my little Max to do such a thing.  I hope it was just a funky day for him, too, because he was pretty lucky that I didn't open up a can of you--know-what on him.  

After the mess was cleaned up and Max got a talking to, I told Jon that he could go ahead and get that vasectomy any day...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

two months...

He just signed an endorsement contract with CK
umbilical that is what I call an outie!

(note: new Monkey tubby towel)
thanks, Trudie!

...and in the blue corner, weighing in at 16 lbs and measuring a whopping 27 inches (very proportionally off the charts!), our very own Bab-Ian  (it's like saying Baby Ian very run together, like there is only one short i sound, this is the nickname Max coined, and it STUCK!). We LOVE this boy (who is currently asleep on my chest, snoring away as I, yes, rock him).  I never believed I could love another one so much!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my favorite thing about Christmas...

Christmas highlights

Six AM came a little early for these boys!

Molly's lollipop for the lollipop sucking contest (Geoff won!)
Uncle Dave drew this for Olivia, she loved it!
Molly loved her princess dress ups from Santa!

more christmas morn...'s all he really wanted!
the nicest big brother...
Olivia is so fun with presents!  She gets so excited!  She really wanted "talkie-walkies."
why are my kids always the most excited over candy canes and lollipops?

Christmas morn...

twas the night before Christmas...

Thanks, Geoff, for reading The Night Before Christmas to us all this year!  This is a super fun tradition our family has, each year we read this classic, and then record who read it and who was there in the blank pages preceding the story.  It is so fun to look back on who we shared Christmas Eve with each year, especially as our family has grown!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Eve books and jammies!

Here they all are, in their pj best!
Parker is such a darling boy, and a good sport with all the little kids!

Tage got Mario pjs, not pictured here, but he was super excited!

the annual Christmas Eve cookies-for-santa decorating

The decorating of the Christmas cookies is an annual tradition at our house, and this year we had our special visitors to decorate with us!  

Note:  Geoff made the frosting all by himself, and even delighted Molly with PURPLE!  

Friday, January 2, 2009