Friday, May 22, 2009

comings and goings...

We have been low key, lately.  There has just not been much to blog about.  So here is a very boring list of our comings and goings for our real die hard blog fan (I think there are only two, thanks Mom and Dad!). 

We've done a TON of yardwork (and haven't made a dent), we've played outside and started frequenting our parks again.  I've rediscovered the $1 32 oz Diet Coke at McDonalds (ahhh, the tastes of summer). Jon and Max went on the Father/Son camp-out and didn't  take a single photo. Olivia has been obsessed with hummingbirds, and did an awesome job on her school project (again, no photos, UGH!)

Baby Ian decided to try sleeping on his side (now maybe he will grow some hair in his bald patch).

Outside, outside, outside.  We cleaned the playhouse, it's ready for guests.
He really is in charge.
Molly is freakin' obsessed with puzzles.  Each morning she gets them all out and proceeds to put them all together all over the hardwood floor.  She likes them to stay set up all day, and then at night cleans them up so she can do it all over again the next day.  It has cured her of her TV habit, and makes for a happier girl.  I think this is the most endearing thing!
Olivia is my little babysitter.  She wakes up in the morning when Ian does (I'm not sure who wakes who up!).  She brings him down to me so I can feed him, and she kisses me on the forehead as she hands him over.  I feed him, and then get dressed and go running while she "baby sits" him (Jon is usually still in bed at this hour).  This is how I found them yesterday when I got home from my run.
That is our life lately. Kind of boring, but really full of such joy and love for these little ones we have been blessed with.  We have rediscovered a book lately, The Power of Positive Parenting and it has once again changed my life and how I relate to my kids.  A much needed reminder.  I highly recommend it.  On a lighter note, I have discovered Frozen Yogurt from Trader Joes that is EXACTLY like Pink Berry/Red Mango yogurt.  It is heavenly.  And healthy. And low cal (until I shred a chocolate pound plus bar all over the top of it!).  Any who, if you live near a Trader Joe's, check it out.  If you don't, I feel so sorry for you, because it is the BEST! 

Next week we are headed to Utah to celebrate the graduation and festivities of darling Parker.  We will surely take a photo or two then, and share our adventures.  Until then, Happy Spring!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

six month stats...

20 pounds 
29 inches
100% rockin' awesome!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Half birthday...

My little caboose is six months old. I am super contemplative and sad as I post this. This little guy is it!  Everything he does: his milestones, his firsts, and the things he outgrows just mean that he's getting older, growing up, and one step closer to leaving me! It is hitting me so hard that this is the last time that I will have a little one to hold, cuddle, coo at, and take care of.  I am so grateful to you, baby Ian, for teaching me how to slow down, let things pile up a little, ignore the phone ringing, and just look at you, hold you, and rock you.  It has taken me until number four to finally realize how quickly it goes, how precious each of them are, and really what "in the blink of an eye" means.

He celebrated his six month mark by sitting up for 20 minutes straight without tipping over while he played with toys scattered all around him!