Thursday, August 26, 2010

Final stop, Shirl and Glenn's

We were lucky enough to stay with Glenn and Shirline this trip, and it was so nice! Glenn got a big, new tractor with a BIG wagon and took us all for a hayride all around the neighborhood and church parking lot. Those neighbors were turning green with envy.
And, then he got out his "little" tractor and took the boys for another spin! They can't get enough!
Swinging in the backyard with Dad and Parker
A mean game of Yatzee.
The kids discovered two new loves. Babybel cheese and Nutella. Sorry we ate you out of it, Shirl!
We love going to Shirl and Glenn's. They treat us so nice and take really good care of us.

Hiking in Utah

We took a fun hike in one of the Cottonwood Canyons. Gorgeous. This is what I miss about Utah. It was a beautiful day for a hike and the kids totally loved it. Any time we can throw rocks in the river, they are in heaven. Why do we try to do anything more fancy than that?

fun at Grandma's...

We made a two week trip to Utah to visit family and friends. We played in the water a lot! It was so hot there! We went to Seven Peaks water park, of course, I was too busy chasing 4 kids with no husband to take photos, but we had a blast. We played at the pool with friends, and ran through these fun sprinklers at a park near Grandma's house.
I guess there are no shortage of pics of him...
Asa just tolerates my kids so well! And they LOVE her! It gives us our dog fix for a while!
Grandma's bath tub!
My dad's grave. His headstone was just installed while I was there. It looked nice. Still, not getting easier.
Thanks for a great time, Utah. We will be back, of course. And all of you there, feel free to visit us sometime!

camping with friends...

So, I am bugged we aren't doing more camping. I think it's the loads of work involved before and after that keep us from going out more, but we did do one fun camp-out with some fun friends, and it was a blast!
Here is Max with his lego-guy head lamp!
Double roasting twins
really freaking adorable youngest
Serious roasters
The kids had the time of their lives. We are definitely going to go again. Hopefully before fall arrives. Anyone want to come???

summer catch up!

So, this summer has gone really fast, we haven't done nearly enough, but we have had lots of lazy days, playing in the sand, picking and eating berries, and soaking up the few rays we have been lucky enough to get! I haven't taken enough pictures, as usual, but we have made some wonderful memories and had another summer to remember!

Ian is really too much!
Lots of sandbox. They never tire of it! All of them are in there so much!
Berry picking
Nice job, Molly. Almost picked as many as you ate!
We love this farm! And we picked a lovely, cool morning to go!

Monday, August 23, 2010

here today, gone tomorrow

After many years of deliberation, we decided it was time to nix the ginormous tennis balls Olivia had crowding her throat, causing her a nasaly voice and sore throat after sore throat (resulting in too many missed days of school at home driving mom nutty). She did great. She was very happy about the fun and attention beforehand!
She was all smiles as they rolled her off.
I wish I could say she looked as happy in recovery. But, many, many, many popsicles later, she is already improving and looking forward to a sore-throat free future! We are very proud of our brave little patient!