Friday, June 3, 2011

Mommy/son date!

Jon took the girls to a Daddy-daughter campout with friends from our church today, and the boys and I took full advantage of the cats being away...

The afternoon began with Max and I playing "Guess Who," "Sorry," and "War," while Ian napped. Then, we headed out for sandwiches at Bigtown Hero:

And a picnic at the park of their choosing:

Then, Kung Fu Panda 2! We ate lots of treats and laughed our heads off!

Aren't my boys darling!!?

We ended the night by cuddling up with a good ole Star Wars book. I love times like this when I get time to slow down and enjoy my children. I think I had more fun than them tonight! I am really grateful for my sweet little guys!

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Olivia chose to do her ISP project on Koalas this year. She worked very hard. Her project included a research paper, including bibliography, a story, with illustrations, a poem, with illustrations, and this tri-fold board, which was a labor of love for sure! The board consisted of a 3D tree with eucalyptus leaves on it, and a hand drawn Koala eating said leaves up in the tree! It also had lots of eye-catching photos and facts, ad well as her poem. We were so proud of how hard Olivia worked on this project, for nearly two months. She learned so much about research, organization time management, and ultimately presentation, when they presented them at an open house.

Here she is at the open house, dressed as a "safari girl" (she gave me explicit instructions, "Mom, I need you to go to Goodwill and get me safari girl clothes."). She is holding her Koala Webkinz.

Here she is explaining something fascinating to her teacher's husband.

Way to go, Olivia! You really knocked it out if the park in this one! Whew! Is it summer vacation yet?!

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Max and Molly put preschool behind them!

Last week ended our awesome year of preschool for Max and Molly. We have loved the preschool, the teachers, and the philosophy and over all feeling of this awesome Christian preschool. On the last day, they had a luau and ice cream sundaes to celebrate summer birthdays. It was super fun for them to get dressed all Hawaiian-like when it was 50 degrees and pouring buckets!

Here is Max with Teacher Nancy. She is such a loving teacher, and every day would comment on how much she loved Max's smile!

Here is Molly with Teacher Becky, the one who coined the phrase "complete doll," which Molly now believes is her nickname. Becky took a special liking to our little Molly-heart (her actual nickname), and spent extra time with her each day encouraging Molly's love of reading! We will really miss Teacher Becky!

And here is Teacher Janie. Molly was always quoting gems from Janie, who is obviously very wise!

We loved all of their teachers so much, and were so sad to see the short year come to a close! Not pictured is Max's Teacher Kathy, who had a back injury and was out for the last few weeks of school. We loved her, too! Max told me on the last day, "Mom, I don't want it to be the last day of school. I don't want to stop learning!" Up until then, I had no clue that he was learning, because he would never tell me a thing! Luckily, Molly filled in all the blanks!

So, soon I will have two big Kindergarteners (sniff, sniff). In the mean time, we will be living up our summer!

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