Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy FIRST birthday......and Happy Halloween!


Isn't he sooooooooo stinkin' cute? I can't get enough of this guy! He is such a joy (cheesy, but true!) We are so happy he decided to come to our family last Halloween. This holiday is now even more FUN! We love you Baby Ian!

This cracks me up...."just kidding, it doesn't, just kidding it does!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was a sneaky little devil this past weekend, and I flew home to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday! It was super fun to get away with just my littlest, and the look on my mom's face when we showed up at her office with a bunch of balloons was just PRICELESS! We had a great time in Utah enjoying the crisp fall weather and beautiful colors!

Ian and I got to see my whole family and some dear friends. Jon held down the fort at home, and I don't even think they knew we were gone! He had them doing chores and earning their keep. After seeing how capable he is, I will feel good about leaving more often! Thanks, Jonny, I am already planning my next trip...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

run like the wind...

I just got back from volunteering at the school Jog-a-thon at Olivia's school. Olivia did great! She logged ELEVEN laps! Way to jog, Olivia! (notice her pacer running along side her and cheering her on....she has the BEST dad!).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

eleven months....

oh no! How can it be? My baby is eleven months old! He is crawling all over the place, so my house has become quite like a lock down facility. Gates are up all over the place, which has become quite a frustration for Max and Molly who can't open them yet! The other day I ran upstairs to put some clothes away, and soon after I heard a little voice behind me, and there was Ian, all the way up the stairs. I had definitely forgotten how busy this stage is, because they want to be down crawling all the time, and let's face it, there are not many places you can just let a baby crawl! Ian's latest tricks are signing "more" (and he's the first of my kids to do it exactly right!), giving "fives," giving kisses, waving bye-bye, and clapping every time he hears "yay," "good job" or anyone else clapping. He's a big hit at Olivia's soccer games, because he's the only one cheering for both sides! This little guy puts many smiles in our day!

The countdown is on......just 24 more days until the big ONE.