Saturday, November 10, 2012


My husband is awesome. I know I've already been thankful for him on a past day, but he dedicated his whole day today to doing projects around the house. For me! So, today I am thankful for his acts of service. Here are a few of the things he did:

*built me a pantry where my coat closet used to be.
*replaced lots of lightbulbs inside and out including the big garage ones! Now my winter won't be as dark!
*put a lock on our treat cupboard. Think of the calories that will save me! It's like he's making me skinny, which
scores him double points.
*installed my new kitchen faucet.
*fixed a broken toilet paper holder.
*hung shelves in the kids' rooms.
*supervised the raking of leaves by my cute kids.

Man! You'd think it was my birthday or something! What a rockstar. Those little things, which took him most of the day, made my life a lot brighter. Thanks, Jonny!

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