Friday, November 23, 2012


I am grateful for wonderful parents.  I was blessed with parents who love each other and who love me. And that is no small feat these days.  I am grateful that my parents made their marriage work and were good examples to me of sticking together through the good and the bad. I love my parents so much.

I am grateful for my mom, who has endured the loss of my dad and is still fighting and living her life.  She is an inspiration to me.  She has and continues to teach me so much about enduring love and faith. I love her so much!

I am grateful for my dad, who even after his death, continues to inspire me to be my best and to have integrity in all that I do.  I miss him like crazy.  Especially on Thanksgiving, because we shared a robust love of that meal.  And, especially every single day of my life.  I love him so much!

Here are some pics that I ran across today that touched my heart:

My dad feeding Ian off the BIG spoon.
 My parents in front of the home they built together seven years ago.  My mom sold the house, and is moving out this week.  I will miss our memories and my dad's presence there.
 My dad was the most tender grandfather. Who wouldn't love to cuddle in that lap?
 Ian and I flew to Utah to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday. It was such a great weekend.

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