Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am grateful for my children's schools. We live in an area with amazing public schools. They are the top rated schools in the state. Therefore, I believe they attract the best teachers, and we benefit greatly from that. Also, we have been very blessed to find the most amazing preschool (Max and Molly attended there, and now Ian). It's a Christian preschool and the teachers and staff have all been there 20+ years. They have the most amazing love for the children. I feel so warm when I drop Ian off there on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I know he will be taught and loved. Molly still sends cards and texts to her teacher from preschool.
Yesterday Ian had his Thanksgiving Feast at school. Each child was asked to bring one contribution to the feast, just like in that first Thanksgiving. It was so darling seeing all the children dressed as Indian Chiefs and Princesses in vests, necklaces, and headdresses that they made. They all sat criss-cross applesauce (aka Indian style;-)) and the food was blessed and shared by all! It was such a fun celebration!

I love that my kids are getting really great educations.

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