Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am super grateful for my eldest child! Olivia is a very cool girl. She has been an amazing blessing. Adopting her was one of the best decisions Jon and I have made as a couple. The timing was perfect and she definitely was meant to be in our family.

Olivia is such a great girl. She has a huge heart, full of love and kindness. She is very affectionate. She goes out of her way to give love to others. She loves to be with friends. She loves to have fun. She makes others happy. She has the best smile! It's contagious! The two rounds of braces are worth every penny for that smile!

I am grateful for all of the help Olivia gives me. She never has to be asked to do her chores. She wakes up early on Saturday mornings and knocks them out. She loves to surprise me with extra help, and I appreciate her so much.

I am also grateful for Olivia's great attitude about school. She loves school. She is excited to go everyday. She gets up with an awesome attitude, gets ready, and makes her own lunch. She is such a good kid.

I am so blessed to be Olivia's mom!

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